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  • Wellness in the wilderness

    Private Luxury Wellness Retreat at Ahaspokuna Bushwalks Camp: Finding serenity in Mind, Body & Soul

Private Luxury Wellness Retreat at Ahaspokuna Bushwalks Camp:
Finding serenity in Mind, Body & Soul

Getting back to Nature
Have you ever wondered why meditation retreats and monasteries are located in the mountains or deep within forests? Nature Meditation allows us to become more receptive to our natural environment. We stop viewing Mother Nature as inert and start viewing her as alive and breathing, filled with mystery and wonder. Experiences in Nature rekindles our exuberance and improves our state of mind, making learning tremendously fulfilling; you become one with a place intrinsically full of wisdom and inner-peace.

Inside your private wellness forest
Yoga and meditation outdoors especially activates our entire senses and elevates mindfulness allowing us to be more alert and wakeful. The serene

calm and quiet surroundings of Ahaspokuna is Nature’s authentic design for a genuine yoga and meditation retreat. Our forest-dwelling, experienced and professional teacher & therapist will help you on your journey into the serenity of the mind and soul, while rejuvenating your body with the essence of traditional Ayurveda.

Your journey:

  1. Digital Detoxing – for a more immersive experience, we encourage turning off your phone.
  2. Re-connecting – rekindle a higher form of yourself with a carefully curated and professionally guided yoga and meditation programme, exclusive to 9 individuals, in the heart of a private forest.
  3. Discovering – follow the trail forged by wild elephants into a 2260-acre secluded wilderness on bushwalks. Loop
  4. Learning – experiment with traditional cooking therapy guided by our chef in the wild.
  5. Enlightening Ayurveda – this isn’t just a massage with aromatic herbal oils helping you relax after a challenging bushwalk; along with pain relief, circulation is increased, the lymphatic system is stimulated and strengthened, and the flow of life force is opened to cleanse and revitalise the body. All essential oils are carefully chosen to only have nourishing and detoxifying properties, slowing aging and leaving the skin soft and shiny.

If you’re looking for a solo wellness holiday, a group or family wellness holiday, or you’d simply like to experience yoga and meditation in Sri Lanka, Ahaspokuna Bushwalks Camp is undoubtedly what you’ll find.

* We provide individual attention for all our health and wellness holidays, thus bookings are limited to 9 individuals for us to guarantee it.

Your 6 Day Luxury Wellness Retreat in the Wilderness

Curated Wellness Package & Programme

Day 1 

We meet you at the designated meeting point by noon and start the short welcome trek to our campsite. Your luggage will be taken by our porters. After the welcome briefing by our Camp Manager at the camp lounge area, you may check-in into your suite-tent. After you settle in, lunch will be served.

Post-lunch: Our naturalist will discuss the evening programme with you. You are free to take it easy and enjoy the large campsite and the surrounding area, or you may opt for the 1 ½ to 2 hour adventure bushwalk that will take you through the surrounding grassland and forest – an integral part of our wellbeing holidays.

Early Evening: Rest and relax in your suite-tent before rejuvenating with a gentle yoga session at sunset.

Dinner: After you soak in our wild bath, meet us near the campfire for a delicious BBQ dinner under the stars.


Day 2 to 5 

Pre-breakfast: Rise early, sipping on a cup of coffee and enjoy an early morning yoga session to wake up your body and mind while basking in the sunrise.

Breakfast: Enjoy learning to cook a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast dish in the campsite with our chef. Our cooking therapy teaches you to prepare 5 different dishes, 1 for each morning.

Post-breakfast: Nature Meditation at the campsite. 


Lunch: Discover authentic and warm Sri Lankan flavours, with a spread of traditional food served in style. Over 90% of all vegetables, spices and produce are supplied from a neighbouring village, where you may opt to visit for a real village-style lunch.

Post - Lunch: Relax after lunch, then go for an evening bushwalk with our Naturalist and 3rd generation bushman.

Early Evening: Rest and relax in your suite-tent before rejuvenating with a gentle yoga session at sunset. Enjoy a deliciously Sri Lankan High Tea, followed by an optional rejuvenating Ayurveda Aromatherapy Massage (Full Body or Half Body, as per your requirements) by our therapist (to be pre-booked separately)

Dinner: After you soak in our wild bath, meet us near the campfire for a delicious BBQ dinner under the stars.


Post-dinner Activities

Stargazing: What better way to wrap up a feel-good day, than with a relaxing night walk to stargaze? Or, simply retire to your suite-tent or star bed to enjoy the rest of the night isolated with nothing in-between you and a billion stars.

Camera Trapping: Observe nocturnal activities at Ahaspokuna; visit our ‘hide’ near the waterhole for an immersive experience of nocturnal wildlife as the chilly forest breeze sweeps across the grasslands.


Day 6

Post-breakfast: You will now feel energised to embark on our special 3 hour bushwalk into the grasslands and forest.

Lunch: After your bushwalk (or morning of relaxation), you should arrive in time for lunch at the campsite – which will be around 1pm. When you’re ready to leave, enjoy a boosting Ayurveda Massage before you embark on our departure trail – a 5km trek with a descent of 100m to 150m.


Our Specialists

Amice van der Burg - Yoga Teacher & Instructor

For all those looking for a yoga holiday in Sri Lanka after a 9 to 5 burnout, Amice is a Corporate Lawyer turned multilingual yoga teacher. Different from other yoga teachers in Sri Lanka, she is committed to bringing you the experience of greater inner peace during your stay with us at Ahaspokuna. Amice is an internationally-trained teacher who completed her yoga teacher training at ‘Blooming Lotus Yoga’ in Bali and Thailand. Fluent in English, Dutch, German, and conversant in French, she is able to communicate with most of our guests. This multicultural individual has grown up, lived, and worked in many countries until she found her true home in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka.

Amila Alwis - Ayurveda Therapist & Masseur

Amila is a professional Ayurveda Therapist, additionally qualified in acupuncture and sports injury therapy, with over a decade of experience. Amila trained in Sri Lanka as well as India, where he perfected the art of Ayurveda Massages. When he’s not in the forest, he works closely with the Ministry of Sports in Sri Lanka as a professional masseur.



  • Return airport transfers could be arranged at US $270 by car (1 - 2 persons) or US $340 by van (3 - 6 persons).
  • Transport organised by us, for a private vehicle with a chauffeur guide could be arranged at a supplement on request.
  • Transport with a chauffeur, organised by yourself or an external party, is at your discretion. Please note that although we can’t provide accommodation for your chauffeur on the premises, we could arrange for nearby accomodation at cost.


  • Accommodation at our suite-tents on double / twin / triple sharing basis.
  • Meals on Full Board Basis with Authentic Sri Lanka Meals: 5 Breakfasts + 6 Lunches + 5 Dinners
  • A limited range of beer & wine will be served freely during dinnertime.
  • Evening high tea at the campsite.
  • All yoga & meditation sessions conducted by a professional and multilingual yoga teacher.
  • All bushwalks with a qualified Naturalist and local trackers / Bushmen from the village.
  • Water and refreshments during bushwalks.
  • All traditional cooking classes conducted by an experienced chef specialising in Sri Lankan Cuisine.
  • Government taxes.


  • Any transportation to / from Ahaspokuna.
  • Any Ayurveda Massages by a professional Ayurveda Masseur (programme add-ons).
  • Any airfare or visa fees.
  • Any additional food and beverages.
  • Any optional activity or site visit.
  • Any tips to the staff.
  • Any personal effects not mentioned here.


  • Duration : 5 nights / 6 days
  • Pick up / drop off  point: Near the 14 km post on B539 (Belihuloya - Rajawaka Road)
  • Physical grading: 3 – Average
  • Accommodation: Tented Suites on Double / Twin / Triple sharing basis
  • Meals include: 5 breakfasts + 6 lunches + 5 Dinners
  • Occupancy: 1 pax - 9 pax
  • Minimum age: No age restrictions. Families with kids are welcome.


  • Personal effects for windy / rainy / warm weather conditions should be carried by guests.
  • Insect repellents, sunscreen lotions etc. are recommended.
  • Dress code and other important things to note when visiting temples:
  • Clothing should cover shoulders and legs down to knee level
  • Head should be uncovered
  • Shoes should be taken off
  • White is the widely used colour for clothing
  • Mobile phones should be switched off or on silent mode
  • Refrain from taking pictures or videos without asking or referring signage, as certain religious places do not allow it
  • When entering the temple or temple grounds, please speak softly and respectfully.


  • Full payment is to be made with the confirmation of availability and suite-tent sharing details.


  • A full refund can be granted for cancellations made 46 days prior to the date of arrival.
  • 50% of the full fee is charged for cancellations made within 31 - 45 days prior to the date of arrival.
  • 75% of the full fee is charged for cancellations made within 15 - 30 days prior to the date of arrival.
  • 100% of the fee is charged for cancellations made within 14 days prior to the date of arrival.

* Note that all refunds are subject to administration fees.

All descriptions and programmes attached have been compiled after long, arduous, exploratory, and expensive work, hence is the property of Experiential Journeys (Pvt) Ltd. Use of these programmes / descriptions for any public or commercial programmes requires the permission of Experiential Journeys (Pvt) Ltd.


Living Experience


Ahaspokuna Stories

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A H A S - P O K U N A

In the Sinhalese language (spoken in Sri Lanka), “Ahas” means “Sky” and “Pokuna” means “Pond” or “Pool”. Ahaspokuna is so named in reference to the lake here, high up in the hills, that is only fed by rain water. A former settlement that sprung up on its shores was subsequently also named “Ahaspokuna”. Today, the jungle tide has washed over where people once lived and the camp provides a wilderness retreat for those in search of something different.
Ahaspokuna by Eco Team

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