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|Johanna S
December 27, 2017

My partner and I were lucky enough to stay at Ahaskopuna for 2 days back in September.
Everything was perfect and we wished we could stay longer!
We were the only ones there and that made our stay even more special.
The food was outstanding, the tent had everything you needed and even a bathtub outdoors.
You can do as many bushes walks as you want, we did one of around 2/3 hours and a very small one at night.
On our last day in the morning, we spotted an elephant in the wild and that was the highlight of our trip to Sri Lanka.
I can't recommend enough staying at Ahaskopuna, and what makes this place unique, apart from its remote location, is their amazing and knowledgeable staff! Customer service as Ahaskopuna is outstanding!
If you are looking for a non-touristy place to relax, to connect with nature and to enjoy the wild in a luxury tent then don't hesitate to book at Ahaskopuna!


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A H A S - P O K U N A

In the Sinhalese language (spoken in Sri Lanka), “Ahas” means “Sky” and “Pokuna” means “Pond” or “Pool”. Ahaspokuna is so named in reference to the lake here, high up in the hills, that is only fed by rain water. A former settlement that sprung up on its shores was subsequently also named “Ahaspokuna”. Today, the jungle tide has washed over where people once lived and the camp provides a wilderness retreat for those in search of something different.
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