Sri Lanka’s first, all-suite , luxury , private bush walks camp 


logo high resIn a Jeep you may see Sri Lankan wilderness ..

On foot you feel, hear,smell it ...

Come to a 2260-acre area of pristine wilderness that was created by merging a historical hideout
(used in the revolution of 1817) and a 200 sq. km. protected forest.


Our concept


We are offering you an exclusive , private , walking safari experience , that has not been offered in Sri Lanka before. 

Our rates include All meals / accommodation / all tea coffee / drinks / all walks . Most of our meals will be vegetarian..

We are meeting you at a pre designated point and take you to the "camp" through the welcome trek which is approximately about 2 km.


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Finding Our Roots

The history of Ahaspokuna is deeply connected to

the history of Sri Lanka itself and it has indeed been an eventful past.

Its roots are deeply entrenched in the history of the great Kandyan

Kingdom in particular and the colonial invasions of the time,

as well as the heroic resistance of the hill capital

and its people against foreign invaders.


The highlights of this great history include the

up country leaders signing a treaty with the invaders

and the subsequent breach of contract by the colonial masters,

the 1818 Uva revolt by the key hill country leaders etc.



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A H A S - P O K U N A   

In the Sinhalese language (spoken in Sri Lanka), “Ahas” means “Sky” and “Pokuna” means “Pond” or “Pool”. Ahaspokuna is so named in reference to the lake here, high up in the hills, that is only fed by rain water. A former settlement that sprung up on its shores was subsequently also named “Ahaspokuna”. Today, the jungle tide has washed over where people once lived and the camp provides a wilderness retreat for those in search of something different.
Ahaspokuna by Eco Team


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